How To Pickup And Date Russian Women


Russian girls are well-recognized and adored for their beauty and sexuality. So it’s understandable to see a large number of people interested in dating them. But just like other women, Russian girls have things they like and enjoy. There are also certain ones they are not too fond of or despise. Knowing these matters and how to implement them can go a long way. More so if you are trying to learn how to pickup and date women from Russia.

The best methods for picking up and dating Russian women is through dating sites and apps. These contain thousands of profiles of women from that country, and others from all over the world for that matter. Using chats to communicate with them is a great way to break the ice. Some of the dating apps are location enabled. That means whatever kind of woman you are looking for can be found for you based on where you live or are located at the moment. Social media sites are also a great way to meet Russian women. Even adult sites which have members areas contain women from places all over the world, including Russia. Many of them looking for sex.

Unlike other women, Russian girls are regarded as prudes when it comes to sex. That is as it pertains to how they have sexual relations with their partners, sexual fantasies and other intimate secrets. Since they pretty much keep these things to themselves, knowing them makes it harder. Nonetheless, there are numerous other ways to know a lot of these issues. Thankfully, the internet is full of adult videos depicting sex with Russian women. These porn videos help tell and show people how they act in bed. Also, what kinds of sexual positions they enjoy and other sex related things.

As far as sexual positions are concerned, girls from the USSR are pretty much like other women from around the world. They enjoy the missionary position. It allows them to look at their lover’s eyes and facial emotions as they make love. There are others who prefer sex from the back or doggy style. Still, just like most girls, Russian women want to be made love to correctly. This entails foreplay and caressing her. Kissing, biting and licking her neck, palms and other areas will drive them crazy. The creases on her buttocks or her belly button area are ideal to set the tone. You can use things such as ice cream or melted chocolate. Drip it slowly all over her body and lick it off slowly. 

In the end, a Russian woman is the same as any other girl on the planet. She wants to be treated right and driven to ecstasy emotionally and sexually. Knowing these things will make it easier to pickup and date not only girls from Russia, but women of any other ethnicity.  

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